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Bulky Waste Collection
Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky Waste Collection

London Rubbish Clearance Offers Seamless Collection of Bulky Waste

You can easily reach us for a moderately priced bulky waste collection in London. We show up at your doorstep on time and get paid to clear away the waste you don't need anymore. This way, our service is more suitable for removing an item or two that are no longer desirable. And, of course, we remove different types of bulky wastes, including upholstery, large electrical appliances, white goods and garden rubbish.

Most of the time, homeowners generate bulky waste, especially via DIY projects, and they become too difficult to remove. But you don't have to be disturbed, our bulky waste collection will take care of that for you. And we do it responsibly, safely and efficiently.

Bulky waste collection defined

This is an out-of-the-normal waste collection that local councils, charitable organisations, private waste collectors and, of course, London Rubbish Clearance offers. With this service, very heavy and sizeable domestic and commercial waste is easily removed. You don't have to worry about how that waste will be contained on your car's back seat or hiring a truck to move them to the local tip as our method of collecting bulky waste at London Rubbish Clearance is very functional.

Large waste disposal method

It can be hard to get around removing large items like washing machines, mattresses or huge paintings. The thing with local councils and charitable organisations removing bulky waste is that clearance may come down to the condition or type of item. On the other hand, it may take a month before your waste is removed.

While so many councils for bulky waste collection ask for a removal fee, not all of them can make certain that your waste will be recycled as much as it can. The reason for this is the too much waste they collect from buildings. Private waste collectors may be able to guarantee recycling.

London Rubbish Clearance is a reliable bulky waste collection option that services most parts of London. This way, we are able to reach a lot of people and free their buildings of those large waste they need help with.

We are a flexible waste collection brand because we have many methods of removing bulky waste without stress. Renovation waste, rubbish from cleaning up your garage, and garbage from just freeing up space within your building are all part of the bulky waste collection we do. Most importantly, we will do our best to recycle your waste and ensure that what is not recyclable is legally disposed of.

Bulky waste collection made easy

We run a van collection service for bulky waste that allows us to move several large items in a go. Our team can remove cabinets, wardrobes, clothing, mattress, fridge, furniture, large piles of rubbish, and so much more. Should you reduce your waste collection, we can make adjustments on our end too.

Bulky waste items we collect

London Rubbish Clearance can help clear out different large items you don't need anymore, which include:

  • Big electrical appliances like vacuum cleaner
  • Bike
  • Piles of garden rubbles
  • Desk, table, chairs
  • Large furniture like tv stands, wardrobes, cupboards, bed frames, big size paintings etc
  • Non-toxic white goods
  • Tumblr dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Sofas (1-, 2- and 3-seater)
  • Dj equipment
  • Large chairs (armchairs, dining chairs, office chairs)
  • Mattresses
  • Home freezers or fridges
  • Bin bags of common waste

Bulky waste items we don't collect

Not to worry, our restrictions are very minimal. So, the following items don't come into our bulky waste collection:

  • Clinical or toxic waste
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cans of paints
  • Plasterboards
  • Arms or explosives
  • Knives, needles, daggers, and other sharp objects
  • Loose rubble
  • Pressurised containers

About loose rubble collection, you should look at a skip hire for that. We offer skip hire services too. Reach us to know more.

Not every bulky waste is really waste!

Charitable organisations can also come in and take out bulky waste and have them recycled if they are still functional, like earlier mentioned.

Should it be that you are considering removing an item that is still working, you might think of finding out if it can be of value to someone else. This is very true of items like sofas, mattresses and the like. We are saying this because your bulky waste can be someone's bulky valuable. In this case, you can even give them to charitable organisations; in fact, they can save you the stress of haulage by coming to pick up these items themselves.

Where your waste has no second-hand value, then our team at London Rubbish Clearance will gladly come do the collection for you.

Got any bulky item you need to be removed now?

Give us a call on 020 37450854 to schedule your collection with London Rubbish Clearance. We offer same-day bulky waste removal. In addition, we can run weekend or evening waste removal if that's what fits into your schedule. And sure, it is at no additional cost.

Why choose us?

First, you would like a moderately priced bulky waste collection, and that's what we bring to you, plus, our technique is fast, functional and reliable. You can use our services for very large items like upholstery and mattresses.

Our van collection service is a better alternative to removing many bulky items at once compared to bringing in a skip or using your private car.

And you will enjoy our van collection service because of the same-day removal it brings. This benefit is huge as your waste will not be left sitting for days. And it is much better than a skip hire or travelling to the local tip. London Rubbish Clearance has great bulky waste collection packages that save you extra now. Call us now to find out.

Again, if you like your waste collected in the evening or at the weekend, that's fine with us, plus you are not paying any extra for it.

If during spring cleaning you like to remove large stuff from your space, we are here to be booked.

Bulky waste removal in the pandemic

Remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has weakened the effective and rapid disposal of bulky waste, and a lot of stuff are not getting the proper recycling. In fact, more bulky wastes are piling up daily.

Should you like us to serve you during this period, your safety and that of our team is very important, so here are a few rules to help us:

  • Kindly place every waste you have outside your property
  • For loose rubble or stuff like masks or gloves, do well to tie them up in bin bags
  • Reduce the big stuff as much as you can since, right now; our two-man team is not always available for collection

Is there anything else you would like to know about our bulky waste collection? Call London Rubbish Clearance now on 020 37450854 to request our bulky waste collection services.

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