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Sofa Removal Disposal Collection
Sofa Removal Disposal Collection

Sofa Removal Disposal Collection

If you want to remove and recycle your sofa in London, London Rubbish Clearance can properly handle it. We offer you a sustainable and quick way to get rid of old sofas in your home. Our experts will remove the sofa from your home and transport it to the right recycling centre.

You can contact us now to book our sofa removal and disposal services.

How do our sofa removal and disposal work?

If you need sofa removal in London and don't know how to go about it, here is what you should do.

  • Contact London Rubbish removal and inform us where you live, when you need the sofa removal service and how big your sofa is
  • Get a quote for the sofa removal services
  • Book your sofa removal and disposal
  • Our expert team will arrive at your house at the agreed time to remove your sofa
  • We will recycle your furniture or send it for reuse. About 93% of sofas are recyclable

Sofa removal in London

We understand the stress involved in removing a sofa in London without help and are available to make this easy.  

London Rubbish Clearance is a London-based company offering sofa collection, removal and disposal services in all parts of London. We can trust our expert sofa removal services.

  • We work in all London postcodes.
  • SW, SE, E, WC, W, E, N, NW London sofa removal
  • Same day London sofa removal and disposal
  • Licensed waste removers
  • Registered with the environmental agency
  • Responsible and ethical London waste disposal
  • Commercial and domestic sofa removal

Same day sofa collection

We offer sofa bed or sofa removal to eliminate the stress of this task. If you book our sofa removal service before noon, we can remove your sofa on the same day.  

Our expert and well-trained team will handle the heavy lifting to rid your office or home of the unwanted sofa.  

Feel free to contact us for your sofa removal in London.

Why choose London Rubbish Removal?

We are a top company offering several removal services including sofa removal in London. We aim to make furniture removal and waste disposal in London cheaper and simpler. Our waste disposal and removal services are reliable and environmentally friendly.

When you book a sofa removal at London Rubbish Clearance, our expert team will pick up your sofa quickly and send it to a recycling centre if it isn't reusable. We only dispose of anything if it isn't reusable or recyclable.

You can contact us to get a quote for your sofa removal.

Top furniture removal in London

You can access our furniture removal services from disposal experts anywhere in London. If you book our service before noon, you can have your furniture removed on the same day.

Efficient sofa collection

London Rubbish Clearance is an efficient and trusted removal company. Booking our sofa removal services is simple: call us and give us details for the sofa removal, and have our experienced removal team with you within a short time.

Reliable furniture and sofa disposal

We are a licensed waste-carrying company available to properly dispose of your sofa or furniture if it isn't recyclable or reusable. We have insured vehicles and well handle all heavy lifting.

Affordable sofa removal

We offer clear pricing and affordable services, including sofa removal services. You can call us for a free quote to know the exact cost of your sofa removal. What you will pay will cover the sofa removal and disposal cost.

Sustainable sofa removal and disposal

We recycle any recyclable item: about 93% of furniture and waste are recyclable. We are committed to sustainable living and work to achieve a 90% reduction in dumping items in landfills.

We offer stress-free and eco-friendly sofa removals and disposal.

DIY London sofa removal

Sofa removal and disposal in London is no small task. You need a van and a suitable packing spot before removal and transferring the sofa to the waste disposal centre. Considering the time and resources for this task, you may want to consider getting a professional.

If you contact your council for your sofa removal, you may not get any to remove the sofa for a long time. There is no guarantee that your sofa will not end up in a landfill even when it is recyclable.

At London Rubbish Removal, we are committed to making removal of your house furniture, including sofas, easy and recycling them.

Call us now for a free sofa removal quote.

Our other services

Besides sofa removal and disposal, we offer other rubbish and recycling services to avoid dumping in landfills. Our waste collection and removal services help you dispose of any waste or unwanted items.

Our residential and commercial removal services include:

  • Complete house clearances
  • Office waste clearance services
  • Hazardous waste collection services
  • Garden rubbish and garden waste clearance services
  • Household waste and disposal services

We are available in all parts of London and provide an affordable quote for each service.

Call London Rubbish Clearance on 020 37450854 to book your sofa removal and disposal.


Recycling your sofa depends on the sofa. Some sofa materials aren't recyclable, making recycling the full sofa difficult. However, we try to recycle as much waste as we collect. If we can recycle your sofa, we will.

Yes, you can. Nothing prevents you from putting your sofa in a skip, but this means the sofa will go to a landfill, which isn't an environmentally friendly option.

You can search for a waste collection company to handle your sofa collection and recycling. Depending on the sofa's state, you can send it to a local refurbishment company to work on the sofa and make it usable.

If you want sofa removal, you will contact us to provide a quote for the service. The cost of your sofa removal will depend on the type and number of sofas you want to remove. Other factors like an urgent removal may affect the cost of your sofa removal.

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