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Garden clearance
Garden clearance

Garden clearance

London Rubbish Clearance offers garden clearance services in London to make your garden look attractive and pleasant to relax with your friends and family. If your garden hasn’t been tended in a while or you have been away for long, your garden will need maintenance and cleaning.

Garden clearance helps keep a garden clean and free from pests and waste. Our experts offering garden clearance services can remove any waste, and we have the right equipment for collecting leaves, hedge trimming clearing your garden, and removing old trees and bushes.

Garden clearance is usually stressful, involving natural waste clearance, removing rubbish, clearing leaves, and cleaning gutters. But, we can take the stress away by properly handling your garden clearance.  

Our garden clearance service is affordable, and your satisfaction is guaranteed because we carry out excellent garden clearance services.

How does our garden clearance service work?

  • Step 1 – Contact us

You can call us on 020 37450854 to inform us of your needs and book our garden clearance service.

  • Step 2 – schedule an appointment

You can pick a convenient time and date, but we also offer a same-day visit if you contact us before 10 am.

  • Step 3 – garden clearance

Our professionals will clean your garden, pack all the waste and load them in our van

  • Step 4 – recycling

After clearing your garden, we will transport the waste to the nearest dumping site for recycling.

Our garden clearance service will leave your garden clean, with a serene environment. We have well-trained and licensed professionals that will carry out your garden clearance, depending on your needs, while paying attention to your garden type.

We recommend you give us a detailed explanation of how you want your garden to look, especially if you won’t be available to supervise the work. This prevents mistakes and allows us to do a satisfactory job.

What do we clear from gardens?

We have experienced gardeners and professional garden cleaning and maintenance equipment with the right vehicle to transport any waste from your garden. We always use safe methods for cleaning gardens to ensure the environment is safe,

After the waste removal, we will donate the recyclable items and recycle or properly dispose of the rest.

Our garden clearance service covers the following.

  • Removing plants
  • Trimming hedges
  • Clearing fallen leaves and grasses
  • Painting
  • Removing weeds
  • Pruning or removing old trees
  • Disposing of old composite bins
  • Planting garden ornaments and pots
  • Garden furniture
  • Disposing of all garden waste

Garden clearance cost in London


Loading time

Cost excl. tax

Min charge or 50kg

10 minutes


300kg or 1/4

20 minutes


500kg or 2/4

40 minutes


800 kg or 3/4

50 minutes


1000kg or full van

60 minutes


Please note the following.

  • The maximum capacity for a van is 14 cubic yards, which is equivalent to 2.5 skips
  • The quotes given over the phone aren’t final because they do not cover access to your property, parking and waste weight
  • We calculate prices based on loading time, volume, weight, disassembling of appliances and furniture, and packaging
  • If accessing your property is difficult, you will pay an extra charge

Our garden clearance service is reliable and will ensure we meet your needs. Call London Rubbish Clearance today for our garden clearance services.  

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