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Void Property Clearance
Void Property Clearance

Void Property Clearance

London Rubbish Clearance offers void property cleanup services, including rubbish removal and disposal for residential and commercial properties in London and its environs.

After the occupants of a property move, the property owner will have to undertake cleaning, whether a simple cleaning or removing lots of junk and household waste, dirty wall floors, food waste, and other waste materials.

If the person that moved out of your property suffers from Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome, the property clearance may be a huge task to make the space habitable.  

Team of trained experts

Our clearance and removal experts at London Rubbish Clearance understand the common hoarding problem and the difficulty in clearing a void property, especially in London due to the high turnover from rental properties.

Clearing void properties are usually expensive for landlords, people who want to re-let properties to get rental income, estate agents and property managers. London Rubbish Clearance is up to the task regardless of how messy the void property is.

We remove junk, rubbish and all waste from void properties to restore the property’s look and habitable. We will rid the property of boxed items, mildew, expired food, debris and filth from hoarding, bodily fluids, faecal matter and any unsightly material.

Reliable London Rubbish Clearance

We can take on any void property clearing task that untrained individuals will find difficult, especially properties that a hoarder inhabited. Clearing and disposing of certain wastes have legal requirements to prevent contaminating the environment. For example, blood and bodily fluids are biohazards that need proper handling.

Our staff have the proper training and experience for a professional void property clinic and will properly dispose ant harmful chemicals and materials from the property.

You can call London Rubbish Clearance on 020 37450854 to book our top-rated void property clearance services.

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