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Shed Removal
Shed Removal

Shed Removal

Don't need that shed anymore? Just say "yes", and we will help you clear and remove them within the hour like it's no big deal. We are London Rubbish Clearance, your professional shed removal service right here in London.

One thing we know about a shed is that though useful, they take up a large portion of space. And when you don't need it anymore, or it came with the new building you just acquired, it becomes a nuisance. But not anymore, as we are here to help you take it out once and for all. The advantage of shed removal is that it allows you to set up a new, modern landscape design or anything fresh you would prefer. So, instead of that shed sitting on that many metres of land adding no value, our team will come clear it away.

What is required for our shed removal service?

So, before we come to remove your shed, we require that it is free of items, taken apart and sitting on the exterior of your home.

Doing it this way enables us to come around, pack the disassembled parts into our van and go within the hour. We cover the greater part of London as per shed removal services.

Do you assist with throwing down a shed where the homeowner cannot?

Yes. We can have this done for you at an extra fee. It is easy to do this. All you have to do is tick the "dismantling required" option at the time of your online booking, and our professionals will know that you need both shed dismantling and clearing services.

One more thing. Sheds are made of large, heavy parts, and so we ask that you ensure there are no obstacles leading up to the shed when we come. Should you be unable to free the way, kindly inform us on time.

Can you free my shed of items and clear them away?

While our regular shed removal service does not cover emptying shed content, our team can still offer you this service. So, should this be part of your clearance needs, do well to send us pictures of the shed in and out. With this, we can quote the correct cost for rendering this service.

What can we do?

London Rubbish Clearance is a company that keeps our word! If we tell you we clear your shed, take out word for it. This principle has helped us in satisfying customers on various sizes of projects. Our service is quick, functional and reliable, and our prices are moderate. We keep upping our game, so we stay on top of London shed removal and disposal services.

Your shed disposal

Keeping a healthy environment and healthy body is an important priority to us, which is why we take your waste to functional recycling plants at approved disposal sites and have them fragmented. This way, we fulfil our obligation to reduce landfill waste.

The environmental effect of waste dumping across London is one area we have been working on to reduce. Our team of experts do not only take out your shed waste but dump it responsibly such that the environment does not suffer.

So, if you are looking for not just a shed removal company but one that understands the environmental impact of rubbish clearance, then yours faithfully are the ones you should call. We do it without fuss and follow the laws guiding the environment.

What is the cost of removing shed?

All sheds are not the same. They come in different sizes. Knowledge of how large your shed is will help us to quote the precise removal cost.

You can simply go online and schedule our shed removal service. There you would know the cost of this service as we have different prices based on shed dimensions.

But bear in mind that from small to large shed sizes, we can dispose of them. Should you not find your shed size in the options online, we can still do the job for you. Get our online quotation form filled out, add the dimensions of your shed and send along some photos of it as well. We would use this information to calculate just how much it will cost to get your shed out of your property.

At London Rubbish Clearance, we collect and remove garbage from homes, offices, and other commercial buildings and offer skip hires. We prioritise waste disposal in the best way it minimises danger to the environment. In doing this, our team sends all waste to only approved recycling sites in London. Need us to come in today and clear your waste? We can do that. We are open for business throughout the week, and if you need a quote, we can give you a non-obligatory and free estimate.

Like more information? Give us a call on 020 37450854. You can even reach us via email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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