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Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens appliances, even the high-quality brands, tend to wear out over time. While you may consider fixing them, this may be a waste of your energy, finances and time, and you may get a new one.

This leaves you with appliances you no longer need in your house, and you can’t dispose of them in your general waste. London Rubbish Clearance can handle your kitchen appliance removal and dispose of them correctly.

Types of small kitchen appliances

The following items fall under small kitchen appliances, and you may have to dispose of them at some point. However, this list isn’t exhaustive.

  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Rice cooker
  • Multi-cooker
  • Espresso machine
  • Hand mixer
  • Immersion blender
  • Immersion circulation
  • Popcorn machine
  • Fryer
  • Slow cooker
  • Electric grill
  • Toaster oven
  • Egg cooker

Preparing your kitchen appliance for disposal

  • Unplug electrical appliances in advance, but for electrical items like freezers and fridges, unplug them at least one day before the day of disposal 
  • Separate non-recyclable components from those that are recyclable. Ensure you separate plastic, metal and glass parts
  • If the appliance has a removable power cable, detach it from the appliance. This makes recycling more efficient, and you may reuse the cable for other kitchen wear with the same power plug.
  • Research recycling sites that are near you. You can research for information on recycling, search for recycling centres on google or contact your local authority
  • Transportation to carry your small kitchen appliances when you want to dispose of them is important. Do you intend to load the appliances in a personal vehicle, or will you hire a van? If you want to donate an old appliance that is still functional, you may get free transportation
  • Research affordable options of getting cardboard boxes to pack the small kitchen appliances as you can’t place them randomly in the transport vehicle. Plastic boxes may not be affordable, but you can get cardboard boxes.

Getting a removal company

Disposing of appliances is often a hectic track, but you can get experts who have been handling appliance removal for years to collect your appliances. Hiring London Rubbish Clearance for your kitchen appliances removal offers the following benefits.

  • Save time
  • Leave your vehicle free for other purposes
  • You do not need to search for nearby recycling centres
  • You can dispose of other items while getting rid of your old kitchen appliances
  • Reduce the risks of injury from disposing of heavy appliances
  • The disposal process will be in line with the local regulations, which you may have to research if you carry out the disposal yourself. You may pay a fine if you do not follow the local law.

What happens when disposing or recycling small appliances isn’t possible?

When you get newer models of your small kitchen appliances, you are responsible for disposing of the old ones. If disposal or recycling of the old appliance isn’t an option, you may consider selling it if it is still functional.

If you want to sell, the following may help.

  • Contact your friends, neighbours or family members. Someone may need the appliance you no longer need. They may not offer cash, but you will be helping someone.
  • Organise a garage sale for your neighbours

Sell online

Selling online is a popular option, but some people aren’t aware of the importance of preparing the items they want to send online. The following tips will help you sell your old kitchen appliances at a good price.

  • Take good pictures of each appliance. Avoid taking group photos of the items you want to sell, except you want to sell all at a discounted price.
  • Use original and smart headlines that make people want to click on your items. This increases the number of impressions on the online ad.
  • Be honest about the condition of the appliances as you do not want negative reviews, and buyers may end up returning the items
  • List details of your location to make your ad visible to people nearby who would want to pick up the item themselves
  • Explain why you want to sell because this makes your ad less suspicious.
  • Respond to buyers’ questions quick

Disposing your kitchen appliances may seem like small work, but it isn’t. You will have several considerations if you want to dispose of the appliance yourself, like how to pack, transport and dispose of the appliance properly.

You can contact London Rubbish Clearance on 020 37450854 to handle your kitchen appliance collection and disposal.

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