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Fridge and Freezer Disposal
Fridge and Freezer Disposal

Fridge and Freezer Disposal

Many rubbish removal companies aren’t authorised to collect fridges, freezers and refrigerators in London. However, London Rubbish Clearance has the licence to collect and dispose of unwanted freezers and fridges.

Harmful chemicals

Refrigerators and freezers contain harmful chemicals, so we have an ethical and legal duty to dispose of them in a certain way to ensure London’s environment remains safe. These home appliances fall under hazardous waste because they contain several harmful chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (Freon or CFCs), while older models also contain isobutene, tetrafluroethane and other chemicals. They also contain more common chemicals like polystyrene and plastic.

Handling and disposing of fridges and freezers properly is important because of the chemicals they contain. Proper disposal prevents these chemicals from further polluting the atmosphere in London.

Freezer and fridge removal options

We can collect your fridge or freezer during our general rubbish removal or individually for certain parts of London. We have an experienced team that can carefully lift and handle your fridge and freezer.

What is the cost of freezer and refrigerator removal?

The cost of removing your freezer or refrigerator will depend on the capacity and size. We can remove all appliances from small fridges to freezers with double doors, including commercial freezers and fridges.

You can contact us on 020 37450854 to know the cost of your fridge or freezer removal or book our freezer and fridge removal services.

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