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Confidential waste disposal and data destruction
Confidential waste disposal and data destruction

Confidential waste disposal and data destruction

Keeping data, including yours and your clients’ safe and confidential is important. Criminals are finding new ways to access personal information, and slight access to people’s information can aid cyber fraud.

While our government takes data protection seriously, you have a part to play in keeping data from your clients safe. Every business must adhere to GDPR standards. Our confidential waste disposal at London Rubbish Clearance will keep you safe and compliant with regulations saving your business its reputation and thousands of pounds.

Confidential waste disposal in London

Confidential waste disposal includes destroying computer data, printed documents, and other products that hold people’s private or personal information in a safe way. Destroying this type of waste is particularly important to prevent the important information from getting into the wrong hands, whether by accident or carelessness from employees who neglect to shred documents or use the appropriate bins.

Data destruction services

Our confidential waste disposal services comply with the industry standards, which ensures your data is safe when you request our services.

Process for confidential waste disposal and data destruction

Our confidential waste disposal and data collection follow these steps.

  • You need to place any item you want to dispose of in a secure container with a confidential waste label
  • Our trained staff will collect the containers and take them to a secure place on your premises
  • We will wipe electronics like mobile phones and computers with approved data destruction software to prevent access to important information by unauthorised people.
  • We will immediately feed paper documents into an industrial shredder
  • After destroying all items following industry standards, we will transfer them to the appropriate recyclers in the country
  • Our staff that gather and destroy your confidential waste are subject to confidentiality agreements and will sign a declaration that they will agree to company policies for treating confidential materials.

Why choose us for your confidential waste disposal and data destruction in London?

  • We offer transparent pricing
  • We guarantee disposing of your waste in a legal way
  • We are reliable and trustworthy and will arrive at the agreed time
  • We have a license from 1SO 14001, ISO 9001, with accreditation from Safe Contractor.
  • We recycle all recyclable materials
  • We work 24/7

We also offer off-site and on-site paper shredding services, including disposing of IT and hard drives with sensitive information. With our services, you are sure that your data is safe and protected.

Call London Rubbish Clearance on 020 37450854 for our confidential waste disposal and data destruction.

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