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Recycling collection
Recycling collection

Recycling collection

Recycling involves re-using old items or materials, which is important to preserve the environment and use less natural resources. Recycling is one of the most useful and easiest things you can do to preserve the environment.

How to recycle clothes for children

  • Alteration

You can ask your parents to make small adjustments to the cloth. For example, if your trousers are a bit short, you can lower the hem or adjust the trousers' waist if they are a little tight in your midriff.

  • Pass it on

You can give an undersized cloth to a younger sibling or a friend with smaller body size.

  • Sell it

You can find local car boot sales or sell online on sites like GumTree or eBay.

  • Donate

Many boroughs have clothing banks, and some offer doorstep collection services. You can ask for more information on donating items.

What can recycled clothes become?

If you want to get rid of old clothes, throwing them out is rarely a good option. Thrown-out clothes often end up in landfills, but most clothes are made with materials that do not decompose.

Recycling clothes is a better option. You can send them to cloth banks and charity shops where less fortunate people can get them.

Recycling paper

You'll likely use a lot of handouts and workbooks in school. If you have books you do not need, you can recycle them with the following ideas.

  • Local recycling

You can have a rubbish collection service like London Rubbish Clearance handle the recycling process

  • Bedding for pets

If you have a small pet, you can line the pet's cage with paper or shred the paper to make comfortable bedding.

  • Doodle pads

You can convert plain paper to doodle pads for scribbling down important information.

What can recycled paper become?

During paper recycling, the paper gets cleaned of ink and staples. This will be at the paper where the paper gets turned into a pulp and made into paper again.

Recycling food waste from packed lunch

If you have leftover packed food, consider the following recycling options.

  • School recycling

Many schools make provisions for food recycling collection.

  • Composting

You can set up a worm composter for food waste. The compost can serve as fertiliser for plants if there is a school garden.

What can recycled food waste become?

Food waste dumped in a landfill releases gases that are harmful to the environment. However, if the food gets recycled, the gas can safely power heat and power in homes, while compost will serve as a natural fertiliser for farmers.

Some things like wrapping paper, wax paper, light bulbs and cardboard lined with plastic cannot get recycled.

If you have unwanted items that require recycling, you can contact London Rubbish Clearance to collect and safely recycle these items.

You can call London Rubbish Clearance today on 020 37450854 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our Recycling collection services.

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